After 60, a time to begin

Terry Petersen, grandmother and writer

          Terry Petersen


  Perspective After Sixty

By Terry Petersen 

At dawn and dusk

the sun touches the horizon

with the same elegance.


I celebrate evening.

Not because night

dissolves the sky’s brilliance.


But because day,

if lived,

brightens midnight.



            My name is Terry Petersen, but my favorite titles are Mom an Grandma. I’ve been over sixty for a year or two, married far longer than I’ve been single, and I’ve found this life stage perfect for personal development. No zits to worry about. No peer concerns. Just a few neck wrinkles and arthritic fingers, which don’t interfere with prefrontal lobe action. Unless I let them.

            Come join me on this page for prose, poems, songs, laughter, tears and maybe even the encouragement to pursue your own dreams.

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