After 60, a time to begin

Terry Petersen, grandmother and writer


Sonnet by a Mature Woman


Grand prize winner “Dream Weaver” Magazine, January 1998


New wrinkle creams entice from glossy ads

with svelte, young anorexics smiling out

at both my chins, at skin too old for fads.

Bold claims portrayed in color, dull my doubt.


Be young. Be free. Deny the lines of time.

The agony of blemish, breasts that sag

must never mar a body fit to climb

perfection’s route, nor risk cosmetic snag.


And yet my husband sees each bulge and flaw

with eyes that know the gain and loss of years

we’ve shared: the new and old, the fresh and raw

of yesterdays with struggles, joys, and fears.


We see within each other love held deep.

Compared to banal wisdom, beauty’s cheap.